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Tuesday, July 05

A Laptop for the World

By Brad

Over at Mashable, Zachary Sniderman has information on a new device from Intel that can help bridge the digital divide around the globe:

Intel has created a low-cost, high-function laptop designed to get beat up, dropped and deliver education to children around the world.

The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC is about the size and weight of two iPads stacked on top of one another with a soft rubber backing and carry handle. The idea was to get computers into young hands to connect them to a larger world and improve the learning experience in global classrooms, explains Wayne Grant, the director of research and planning for Intel’s Education Market Platforms Group.

The new laptop is expected to cost between $400-$500. While this is more expensive than the One Laptop Per Child project, Intel includes a software suite intended to help educate children — and teachers — how to get the most out of their new PC.

Thursday, December 23

Broadband Fact of the Week


Over 79 percent of higher-income households own a laptop.

— Jim Jansen, “Use of the Internet in Higher-income Households,” Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, November 24, 2010.

Learn more facts in our ever-expanding Broadband Fact Book.

Friday, September 17

The Changing Computer Market

By Brad

Via Business Insider, the CEO of Best Buy has revealed that Apple’s iPad is cannibalizing laptop sales in the company’s store by a staggering 50%.

Monday, March 15

Security Breach

By Brad

Via Computer World UK, a new report on security finds that when it comes to data breaches, simple human error trumps encryption solutions every time.

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