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The Internet Innovation Alliance is a broad-based coalition of business and non-profit organizations that aim to ensure every American, regardless of race, income or geography, has access to the critical tool that is broadband Internet. The IIA seeks to promote public policies that support equal opportunity for universal broadband availability and adoption so that everyone, everywhere can seize the benefits of the Internet - from education to health care, employment to community building, civic engagement and beyond.

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Friday, January 20

Flashback Friday

By Brad

25 years before Apple’s Siri took people by storm, IBM was touting its own voice-recognition technology.

Thursday, August 13

Today in History

By Brad

28 years ago today, a little gadget called the IBM 5150 PC made its debut. By the very next year, the personal computer had gone from a toy for hobbyists and geeks to the major force in business—so much so that in 1982, Time magazine declared the computer was “Man of the Year.”

Happy birthday, mighty 5150. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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