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The Podium

Thursday, April 09

“Three Strikes” Strikes Out

By Brad

In an effort to curb piracy, the French Parliament passed a new law last week that required Internet service providers to yank the Internet access of copyright offenders. According to polls, the majority of the French public didn’t like the law, but it was nonetheless expected to sail through the Senate and National Assembly. Then, as TorrentFreak reports, the unexpected happened:

As expected the law was indeed ratified by the senate this morning, but to everyone’s surprise it didn’t make it through the National Assembly.

After a two hour discussion, the law was rejected by the National Assembly with 21 votes against and 15 votes in favor. According to early reports, the Socialist party changed their initial position and decided to vote against the law after witnessing the mass opposition from the French public.

Looks like it’s back to le drawing board.