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Tuesday, January 11

Broadband Biz: RentJuice

By Brad

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The success of RentJuice, a San Francisco-based company offering a revolutionary online technology platform for real estate professionals, hinges on high-speed Internet.

Traditionally, information on rental property availability has been shared amongst brokers, landlords and property managers via faxes or emails sent every few days or once a week. In the same way that broadband transformed the media and business worlds by moving information to real-time, the company’s founder and CEO David Vivero saw the need to make up-to-date data on the rental market available with the click of a mouse.

In addition to networking and information-sharing, RentJuice also offers its customers tools that streamline the rental process and save time by automating administrative tasks, such as the tracking of leads, credit checks and paperwork — all owed to the efficiency that broadband enables.

RentJuice today launched in the New York market — a city where 70 percent of residents are renters — adding to its operations in Boston, Chicago and Miami. Thanks to the Net, the residential real estate community in cities across the nation can benefit from the technological expertise of Silicon Valley.

View a demo of RentJuice’s online product for real estate brokers and agents:

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