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The Podium

Tuesday, April 07

Aggregator Aggravations

By Brad

In an effort to protect its content—and earn additional revenue—the Associated Press is planning to demand sites like Google News and The Drudge Report begin asking permission, and paying, to use its content. From the New York Times:

A.P. executives said they were concerned about a variety of news forums around the Web, including major search engines like Google and Yahoo and aggregators like the Drudge Report that link to news articles, smaller sites that sometimes reproduce articles whole, and companies that sell packaged news feeds.

They said they did not want to stop the appearance of articles around the Web, but to exercise some control over the practice and to profit from it.

Whether sites that use A.P. content will play ball—and whether the A.P. is willing to head to court to try and re-define “fair use” for the online age—remains to be seen. But as more and more traditional media find themselves clobbered by the Internet, expect more arguments about content and use in the future.