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Thursday, December 08

A Senate Roadblock

By Brad

Speaking of the FCC, the Senate Commerce Committee approved the nominations of Ajit Pai and Jessica Rosenworcel to the Commission. But as John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable reports, the nominees’ smooth sailing is about to hit a roadblock in the form of Sen. Charles Grassley, who has reiterated his commitment to blocking the nominations. Sen. Grassley’s statement:

“More than seven months ago, I started asking the FCC for information that would shed light on the agency’s apparent rush to approve the LightSquared project. The agency has provided none of the information and found excuses not to provide the information.  Even the private companies involved, LightSquared and Harbinger Capital, have promised to be more forthcoming than the FCC as a public agency funded by the taxpayers. LightSquared and Harbinger Capital promised to provide me with requested documents on their dealings with the FCC this week. As a last resort to try to exhort more transparency and accountability from the FCC, I’ll place a hold on consideration of the agency nominees on the Senate floor. This agency controls a big part of the economy.  It conducts the public’s business.  And the public’s business ought to be public.”

As Eggerton points out, a single Senator has the power to stand in the way of the nominations. Stay tuned…

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